Welcome Week


The following schedule is tentative and subject to change as decisions are made:

Wednesday, August 20

7:30am Move-in/Registration
  Grab lunch on your own around town
4:00pm President’s Reception (ALL family is welcome)
5:30pm  Farewell time with parents and family members
6:00pm Welcome Week Group Rally
7:00pm Welcome Week Kick-off 
7:45pm Quad Party 

Thursday, August 21

8am Cru Serve and Send-off
12pm Lunch
3pm Welcome Week Group #1
4pm  Get Involved/Large Group Session
5:30pm Dinner for Freshmen/Transfer Mixer
6:30pm Welcome Week Group #2 
7:30pm Paint it up
8:00pm COLOR WAR Night Rec 

Friday, August 22

8am Breakfast
9am All Groups Meet in Chapel
10am Academic Seminar and mixers
11am Big Fair & Lunch
1:00pm-5:00pm Choir Auditions
1:30pm Crusader Cup
5pm Welcome Week Group #3
6pm Dinner
7pm Large Group Session
7:30pm Spirit and Tradition
9pm Let's Dance!

Saturday, August 23

9:15am Breakfast at Meyers
10am Spiritual Life Seminar
12pm Lunch
1:30pm Cru Quest/Amazing Race
3pm Mandatory Dorm Meetings
5pm Welcome Week Group #4
6pm Dinner
7pm Awards in Chapel

Capital Kings Concert


Late Night Movie (Monsters University)

Sunday, August 24

9:30am Church with Family Group
12pm Lunch with Family Group
4pm Welcome Week Group #5
5pm Dinner 
6:30pm Worship
8pm Dubbing Ceremony
9pm Welcome Week Reception