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Undergraduate English Proficiency Information

While UMHB does offer a few English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses, we do not currently offer a full-time, intensive English language program for which we can offer admission or I-20s. As such, a minimum English proficiency is required to receive admission to UMHB. UMHB is not a language institute and therefore cannot admit F-1 students who wish to enroll solely in English language classes.

The requirements below are for undergraduate students; those who are pursuing a Bachelor's degree. If you are a graduate student, pursuing a Master's degree, please click here to view the Graduate School English proficiency requirements.

If English is not a student's native language, minimum English proficiency is required to recieve admission to the university. English proficiency may be demonstrated by any of the following:

1. Test Score

TOEFL Exemption (undergraduate):

  • Internet overall test score of 80, with a score of at least 20 in each band
  • Computer-based test score of 210
  • Paper-based test score of 550

The UMHB school code for the TOEFL exam is 0333.

IELTS Exemption (undergraduate):

  • Students must score at least 6.0 in each band

For more information about English Proficiency Guidelines, click here to learn more.

 2. Citizenship

The student is a native speaker of English and is citizen of Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the British West Indies.

 3. Education

The student has studied as a full-time student in one of the countries specified above within the last two years.  The student must have maintained a good academic record at the school.

4. Transfer Status

The student is transferring from a college or university in the United States and has successfully completed an English language program or been enrolled in regular classes.

5. SAT or ACT Scores

Acceptable scores on the SAT or ACT English portion may be used to waive the TOEFL requirement.  The school code for the ACT exam is 4128; the code for the SAT exam is 6396.

NOTE:  UMHB must receive official score reports from the testing site.  Scores can be no more than 2 years old.  If the exam was taken more than 2 years ago, it must be retaken. 

While students showing scores below 6 (IELTS) or 20 (TOEFL) in any band may be admitted to the university, their English proficiency (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing ability) will be tested upon arrival. Students who take our proficiency test will be placed in ESOL courses according to the proficiency indicated by the results of our testing, and the specific skill area(s) needing improvement.

Only students with a minimum of 6.0 in each and every band of the IELTS or a 20 in each and every band of the TOEFL are exempt from testing.