Future Students

Crusader Preview FAQs

What do I need to bring with me for the weekend?

Plan to bring an overnight bag with a change of clothes, toiletries, etc.  You will also need to bring a sleeping bag/blanket and a pillow.  You will be "camping out" with your host in their room, similar to a sleep-over.  The weekend is all-inclusive so you will only need spending money if you plan to make a purchase at the campus store or want a snack to take back to your host's room.

How is my host assigned?

We do our best to assign hosts based on the requests of registrants. If the host you have requested has previously been assigned to another prospect or did not volunteer to host, you will be assigned to a host that shares your interested major of study.  The Admissions staff ask that you are flexible with assignments as we have no way of knowing ahead of time if a volunteer host will be available that matches your interests at the time that you register.  Assignments are made on a first- come basis. Prospective students are NOT allowed to room with a host of the opposite gender.  Parents are not allowed to stay in the dorms with their child.   

The priority for assignment is as follows:

  1. Requested Host or Roommate (Roommate requests take priority over host requests. If you request both a roommate and a host we cannot guarenteed you will be assigned to room with your requested host)
  2. Host with same major of interest
 When will I find out who my host is?

Hosts are given their assignments two (2) days before Preview and are required to call their prospective guest(s) no later than the day before Preview.  Your patience with this process is appreciated as host assignments are generally not complete until the day before Preview.  This allows our staff to accomodate late registrants and to update assignments if circumstances have changed for a student or host.  An example of this would be if a prospect requests a specific host that hasn't yet volunteered to host.  The prospect will be assigned to another host.  Later, if the requested host does volunteer, the first person that requested that host will be reassigned accordingingly.    

How do I add additional guests/meals?

 You can purchase additional meal tickets after you have submitted your registration as follows:

  1. Visit http://bursar.umhb.edu/account-payment
    (Note: If you don't know your student  ID# put the social security number of the student  attending).
  2. Email btaylor@umhb.edu after you submit the payment so we can verify receipt.
What hotels are available for my parents to stay in overnight?

We do not endorse any one hotel over another.  There are several hotels in the local area to choose from, many of which offer discounts if you mention UMHB Preview Weekend.  We encourage you to visit the Belton Chamber of Commerce Website, the Temple Chamber of Commerce Website or Salado Chamber for more information on hotels.

 What is the Parent Dinner?  What is the dress code?

The Parent Dinner is a chance for the university President, Randy O'Rear, to share a meal with and personally welcome the parents of our future Crusaders. The meal includes salad and a main dish, followed by dessert and coffee.  Preview weekend is a casual event. Therefore, you are encouraged to dress comfortably and weather appropriate.  Parents and guests are not required to "dress up" for the parent dinner.