Future Students

For Parents

The first year of college is a season of change and transition for both students and parents. For most parents, the adjustment of no longer having their child at home can be tough. Combining that with new financial aspects that come with someone attending college, parents realize any resource that can be helpful is welcomed. Because of this, UMHB has a desire to offer resources to help parents


One of the most stressful parts about sending your child to college is managing the financial aspect that comes along with it. It often seems there is countless amounts of information one needs to know, and processes to go through to meet your student's financial obligations. At UMHB we have two well equipped and helpful offices to help you with any questions you may have and resources to help navigate the financial aspects of sending a child to college.

  • Bursar's Office
    The Bursar’s office aims to help provide your family information like how to pay your bill, how to enroll in a payment plan, and other processes involved with tuition payments.
  • Financial Aid Office
    When trying to obtain financial assistance for the coming school year, UMHB’s Financial Aid office is your best on campus resources. They are able to help you sort through how to apply for financial aid as well as answer questions regarding things like FAFSA