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Cru Camp Advising Info

Academic Advising at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor provides students a resource to achieve and enhance their educational, personal, and career goals. Academic advisors will provide students with assistance and guidance throughout their college career. Academic Advising requires both the advisor and advisee to work together throughout a student’s time at UMHB. Students must work with their advisor to plan and maintain educational goals, understand degree requirements, understand their consequences and financial implications of decisions they make, discover strengths and challenges they may face as a student, and develop realistic career objectives for themselves upon graduation.

Advising at Cru Camp

Advising at Cru Camp is done by our First Faculty. First Faculty are all members of faculty that work with our freshmen students. In addition to advising at Cru Camp, they also teach our required Freshmen Seminar courses. We have worked hard to prepare for your advising session by reviewing all submitted documents, including high school and college transcripts, SAT and ACT scores, and placement tests.

Cru Camp Advising Checklist

  1. Turn in all transcripts
    This includes dual credit transcripts from the colleges through which you received credit.
  2. Turn in all test scores
    Please make sure Admissions has all of your ACT and SAT scores on file. These scores are also used in advising to determine your math and English course. Please make sure you have completed the writing portion of the SAT or ACT.
  3. Complete any placement tests you may need
    Math and English courses require a minimum score on your SAT/ACT. If that score is not achieved, you can take an approved placement test to test out of developmental courses. 

Advising After Cru Camp

Cru Camp is just the beginning of the advising process. Once students declare their major, they are assigned to a faculty advisor in that area. Students will formally declare their major in October as a part of their Freshmen Seminar. UMHB has many resources to help students explore options for their major, so we want to give our students a chance to do so before declaring.

Between Cru Camp and declaring a major, the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) has freshmen advisors available to fulfill any advising needs. The CAE advisors are also available during the summer to help students as issues arise post Cru Camp. The CAE advisors can be contacted by calling (254) 295-4475.

Degree Plans

Every major at UMHB has a degree plan which maps out what classes a student will complete while working towards their degree. The Registrar has a complete collection of downloadable degree plans. It is important that every student be familiar with their specific major’s degree plan.

Credit By Exam

Students can receive college credit from high test scores on the following exams:

  • CLEP
  • AP
  • ACT
  • SAT
  • IB

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